Tales From Fiddler's Green

A Halo 3 Machinima

Tales From Fiddler's Green

Tales From Fiddler's Green is a series inspired by Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles.  We created a great script with memorable characters that we hope you enjoy.  First of all.  Tales From Fiddler's Green is set in the present era and takes place in a field with two bases and a creek (aka Valhalla).  There are two "Leaders" on each side.  The base closest to the beach is the Alpha Base/Team.  The base by the mountains is the Delta Base/Team.  The Leader of the Alpha Team is "Balto".  His real name is Alexander, he is colored Gold to set him apart from his men.  His First Class Private Leonard Blackwood is colored Dark Green.  The other Private is Albert J. Bleaker, colored Light Green.  The Leader of the Delta Team goes by Captain.  His real name is Captain O'Connor, who is colored White.  His next man in line is Jason (the only character that does not go by his last name or nickname).  "Balto" and Jason Cornelius are twin brothers.  Jason is colored Brown/Bage.  The next Delta Team member is Private Reginald P. Conklin.  He is colored Light Brown/Tan.  Later in the series, the "Hode" is introduced.  He is a fugitive alien that sides with the Alpha Team.  His Arch Nemesis comes after him, which causes the Delta Team to call in reinforcements.  Private Montgomery Q. Lester is sent as a new recruit.  That is a quick introduction of the characters.  Second, is the story line.  The story line is complicated and is very indepth.  The story line will have to be explained through our videos.  Lastly, please provide feedback.  We want to know what our audience thinks of our videos.  So please guestbook comment or go to www.youtube.com and comment on the video there (search for Tales From Fiddler's Green).  I hope you enjoy our new series.


Check out our new video.  Episode One is officially uploaded.  Become a member to the site or a subscriber to our youtube account.  We are really just looking for feedback right now.  We know episode one has a few minor editing issues but we just want feedback.

Happy watching.